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  • A Few of our Favorite Things

    NEW amazing products that we've brought in store!
  • Detoxing: Healing or Hype?

    Ever wondered if all those detoxes on the market really do everything they claim to? We have the answers to all your questions about detoxing.
  • To Coffee or Not? That is the Question.

    You may have heard that coffee is an addictive drug, something you should cut back on or eliminate from your diet but, is there any truth to that or can you live in harmony with your daily dose of ...
  • Dr. Michael Murray's Response to Multivitamin Editorial

    The latest issue (December 17, 2013) of the Annals of Internal Medicine featured a damning editorial titled: Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. This is one of...
  • A Healthy Winter: Vitamin D & K2

    Find out how vitamin D contributes to your health and why you need it over the winter. Also the role of vitamin K2 and it's synergistic connection to vitamin D and calcium.