About Nutritional Sciences

Nutritional Sciences has been providing nutritional blood analysis services and helping individuals take control of their health for over 20 years.

 Nutritional Sciences started out doing only Microscopic analysis work, and added further diagnostic and therapeutic services, such as Iridology, Blood Typing and Nutritional Consulting over the years.

 We thank our existing clientele for helping us grow and expand our business, and look forward to welcoming new clientele.

Vision Statement

Nutritional Sciences is a leading provider of complementary health care services that offers consumers the opportunity to Take Control of Their Health.

Mission Statement

Our Primary Objective is helping our clients take control of their health. To promote a proactive approach to health care through a range of products and services that complement traditional treatments. Nutritional Sciences is also proud to support the following organizations:

  • Siloam Mission
  • The Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I have …(i.e. diabetes, colitis, an illness, etc…) and what will you do about it?
A. It doesn’t matter what the disease is per se; we look at the nutritional scope of the blood. A white blood cell and a red blood cell structure should be the same in everyone. If it isn’t, through nutritional analysis we can see nutritional deficiency and toxicity, which cause symptoms. We can looks at the symptoms more in depth and from a nutritional standpoint. Rather than subdue the symptoms, we can find out why have it in the first place. We can recommend a vitamin protocol and dietary protocol, lifestyle choices and changes that balance your body’s nutritional needs.

Q. When will I see changes? Or when will I get "better"?
A. People normally see a therapeutic benefit between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the individual.

Q. Does it matter what I eat before my appointment? Do I have to fast?
A. No - there is no preparation for this kind of assessment.

Q. What about prescription medication? Will it affect the "test"?

A. Yes, but we will take that into consideration on an individual basis.

Q. How many times will I have to come back? What will the rest of the program cost?

A. This depends on the individual and their circumstances. This will be determined once an initial consultation has been performed.