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Nutritional Sciences offers our clientele a complete range of premium quality nutritional supplements. These products are suggested based on the results of diagnostic tests designed to gain a better understanding of each individuals’ nutritional health. Nutritional Sciences does not sell pre-made packages. Instead, we focus on each individual client’s needs, and carry over 250 premium products to meet these needs. If we don’t have it, we will send the client to someone who does.

Nutritional Sciences is proud to carry the Vitazan line of premium nutritional supplements, as we are the exclusive Vitazan distributor in Manitoba, and have distribution rights in Saskatchewan as well. We also carry Natural Factors nutritional products, Homeocan, NOW, Organika, Flora Products, River City Herbals, YOMM Beverages, NutraCleanse, GORP Clean Energy Bars and are passionate supporters of Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water.

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New for 2013 Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen Shopping Guide. Just save, print, fold and carry with you!