We missed this feature in September as it was a busy month and that's a good thing because we love helping people take control of their health! This month we have 3 exciting new products to come in store and clients are buying them up like crazy!

#1 - Organika Coconut Sauce

We have been waiting for this product to come in for a while, it's been so successful on the

market that supply was out of stock almost as soon as it was released from Organika. We've got it now and it is also flying off our shelves! Clients think we're a little nutty when we offer them a taste in a mini shot glass but, they always end up leaving with a bottle, the taste is unparalleled!

Why we love it: Unlike some other coconut sauces (coconut aminos) on the market this one does not have any added sugars or spices so it can really be used as a soy sauce replacement without all the excess sodium. This sauce has even less sodium than the "low sodium" sauces on the market but, the flavor is not compromised one bit! Most soy sauce on the market (if not all of it) is genetically modified not to mention highly processed. While we agree that soy has plenty of health benefits in it's natural or fermented state we do not promote eating any type of refined soy product. Because Organika's coconut sauce is also organic, you avoid consuming trace amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This product is so tasty and versitile, it can be used from sushi, sauces, marinades, salad dressings and in soups and sautés. Pick up a bottle or ask for a taste in store, you won't be disappointed!

#2 - Natural Factors Echinamide Quick-Blast

We recently attended a Natural Factors seminar and this was one of the products featured. If you've been to Nutritional Sciences before you know that we only bring in products that we KNOW work and we hold every product on our shelves to the highest standard. As soon as we tried it we knew we had to have it here! So many people are sick this time of year with common colds, allergies and sinus infections and although we've been able to offer support to shorten the duration we've never really had an "instant" relief product before....well it's HERE!

Why we love it: Main reason is because it works and it works fast! If you're not familiar with Natural Factors Echinamide products, they combine a patented, full-spectrum, organic echinacea extract along with diligent harvesting and processing which preserve the effectiveness of the echinacea unlike most products. Their echinamide products are proven to reduce the length and severity of the common cold and they've combined it with eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol, and lemon, in a base of honey to soothe the sinuses and throat immediately on contact. As for the taste we will say it's not as bad as Buckley's but, it's really quite intense. You won't care though once you see how well it works and you get to send that cold bug packing! Want to try before you buy? Just ask us for a sample, we'd be happy to oblige.

#3 - Natural Factors Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is a product people have been asking us for ever since Dr.Oz put it on the map. We haven't had it until now and for good reason. At Nutritional Sciences we don't give in to trendy supplements especially if they are not produced by a reputable Canadian company. The science was a bit lacking on this product until now and because we only bring in products that we trust will work and are safe for the majority of our clients we waited patiently to see what would become of this supplement. Natural Factors decided to produce it based on favorable scientific clinical studies. They've also secured the Svetol form of green coffee bean extract which is made from pure, raw, unroasted green coffee beans which are rich in chlorogenic acids and polyphenols.

Why we love it: Although new to us we've already seen great results in helping to manage cravings due to unstable blood sugar which is a major contributor to weight loss struggles. We love that it is a reputable weight loss aid when combined with a healthy lifestyle and that it is non-thermogenic, meaning there are no ingredients that artificially "heat up" your metabolism in order to lose weight which generally will come right back once the thermogenics are discontinued. Even if you are not looking for a weight normalization aid this product's positive effect on glucose metabolism are beneficial to help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes and even dementia in later life. It also has an antihypertensive effect which can reduce the risk of cardiac problems and oxygenates tissues throughout the body. If that wasn't enough, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!