It's cc-cold outside and that usually means that we start thinking about the holiday season and what fun gifts we will get for our loved ones this year. We have compiled a starter list of products (some old, some new) that any health savvy person would enjoy. Or you could treat yourself because we know you deserve it! Prices range from the smallest of budgets upward.

#1 - GORP Clean Energy Bars

We have been searching far and wide, near and far for a bar that we could feel good about selling to our famished clients after their appointments or in the midst of a long day of errands...FINALLY we've found one that we think hits the mark! GORP clean energy bars have officially arrived and so far we've yet to find someone who isn't loving them! The name GORP stands for Good Old Raisins & Peanuts which is how the idea first started, good nutrition & simple ingredients.

Why we love them: Because they are locally made here in Manitoba with many local responsibly and sustainably grown ingredients. You will find oodles of goodness with each one packing 11g of protein that is NOT sourced from soy like most bars on the market and 6 grams of fiber which most North Americans seriously lack in their diets. You will find 1 full gram of Omega 3 in each bar essential for combating inflammation and promoting cardiovascular and neurological health. There is a ton of magnesium in them which a vast majority of us are lacking in our diets and provides a host of benefits such as PMS symptom relief, migraine prevention, cardiovascular disease prevention, diabetes management and that's just the short list. An interesting ingredient addition to these bars is Green Coffee Bean Extract which has antioxidant qualities. The best part of all? The flavor is AMAZING! We think cocoa, hemp and almond one tastes similar to an Eat-More bar and the peanut butter and apple variety is like biting into a delicious apple crisp (minus the ice cream of course). We can appreciate that the packages are resealable too! They make the perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a food basket for anyone on your list!

#2 - Yomm Beverages Hibiscus Tea Blends

We know that we've featured Yomm Hibiscus tea before HERE however, we've included more options to this product profile in store and clients are really enjoying having more variety! Yomm intorduced Hibiscus tea to us almost a year ago now and we've been loving it ever since. In fact, Wanda has a cup of the goodness every morning to keep her blood pressure stable! We now carry Lemon Hibiscus, Rose Hips & Hibiscus and Ginger & Hibiscus all with their own unique benefits and all equally satisfying to the palate.

Why we love them: Aside from offering a break from the ordinary and in addition to the wonderful things we've already told you about Yomm Beverages and their sustainable, environmentally conscious practices, we are thrilled about these blends for a "variety" of reasons.

Lemon Hibiscus - Harnessing all the powers of Hibiscus such as blood pressure regulation, high dose of antioxidants, antibacterial qualities (especially important in the winter months) and blood glucose management, this variety also packs a lemon punch. Formulated with organic lemon peel and organic lemongrass this tea has antifungal and antibacterial qualities, can help with respiratory infections as well as decrease fevers, promotes muscle relaxation and blood circulation which can aid in pain management and contains Vitamin A to help with skin conditions such as acne! It's also Sarah's personal favorite!

Rose Hips & Hibiscus - Rose hip tea is extremely high in vitamin C (comparable with citrus fruits) and it is known to be the best immune system boosting and energizing tea out there! It has so many other benefits such as managing pain from Rheumatoid arthritis, helping reduce LDL cholesterol, anti aging benefits for the skin and being rich in iron, the rose hip tea can help women during their menstrual period and also re-establish the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, as the intestinal floras is often disrupted and even destroyed by antibiotic drug treatments.

Ginger Hibiscus - Most of us know that ginger is beneficial to the stomach and helps relieve nausea but, did you also know that it can help with bad breath, relieve stress and help boost a man's fertility? It also contains a lot of the same properties as the aforementioned selections. Just be careful not to drink too much as it can cause digestive upset and this is best enjoyed early in the day as ginger can affect sleep quality.

Why not try all of them? They make a wonderful host/hostess gift for the holidays or include a few varieties in a gift basket for someone special. Don't forget the original Hibiscus tea!

#3 - Queen of the Hive Face Contour Mask

This is an oldie but, a goodie especially for the winter months. This mask is made up of premium ingredients such as bee venom (we'll explain), active organic manuka honey and natural botanical oils. Using this mask daily or semi-daily works to stimulate and nourish the skin promoting the production of collagen and elastin which result in smoother, tighter feeling skin.

Why we love it: This product entered our store for various reasons, 1 being that it is made by a reputable Canadian company called Wedderspoon. We found out that duchess Camilla had attributed her new fresh looking face last year to regular bee venom facials and after some research decided to provide our clients with the "royal" treatment as well. The bee venom causes the release of natural chemicals in our body that relax and strengthen facial muscles; the “injury” to the skin from “being stung” also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. That, along with the active manuka honey with is soothing and extremely hydrating to the skin. Although, this can be used as a nightly cream we found it best used as a mask that is removed after 20 or so minutes. It is the perfect addition to your skin care regime and less costly & dangerous than cosmetic procedures. It should be noted that anyone allergic to bee stings CANNOT use this product. No worries, the product is also cruelty free and the venom is extracted by a painfully long process of waiting for bees to sting glass surrounding their natural hive so that the venom can be collected but, the stingers stay intact.

#4 - River City Herbals OM Calendula Lip Balm

These little gems are often passed by in our storefront but, the clients who buy them will tell you they swear by them! Locally made using the finest ingredients such as organic calendula, EVOO, untreated beeswax and peppermint oil this is a lip balm that is sure to please all Northerners!

Why we love it: This product is so amazingly simple and effective for all sorts of lip "issues". We've had success using it with clients who suffer from extremely chapped and cracked lips and they buy it like it's going out of style. These little sticks are loaded with beneficial ingredients for skin as delicate as your lips and unlike other lip balms on the market that seem to almost make you dependent on them it actually works! It will effectively nourish, condition and soften your lips and it has a nice little tingle due to the peppermint oil! Sarah keeps one in her purse, at home and you'll often see her reach for it in the winter months from the desk! This makes the perfect stocking stuffer for all ages and genders and is a MUST have for the winter!