Douglas Laboratories Metabolic Rejuvenation Kit

This month we brought some products from Douglas Laboratories and this is the one we are the most excited about. While we do not usually promote detox products or plans due to their inefficacy or because they are just plain ridiculous (think master cleanse and juice cleanses) we were blown away when we received the information about this "cleanse" and we just had to bring it in. We've been unable to keep it in stock for long since it hit the shelves about 3 weeks ago and our clients are really happy with the results thus far. This would be a great option for anyone wanting to kick start a weight normalization plan, for general feelings of malaise, for someone who has recently taken medication and for anyone beginning or resuming their path to better health!

Why we love it: This has got to be the most complete detox program that we've ever seen. It supports all phases of liver detoxification and has an extensive and complete list of ingredients separated into 3 phases to prepare, to detox and to repair. Often 2/3 of those steps are missing from other detox programs on the market. Each kit comes with a clear booklet of instructions and a nutrition plan where you actually get to EAT the whole time! While the nutrition plan is restrictive which provides optimal results, we simply suggest you do the best you can with it and you will still reap the benefits.

Douglas Laboritories MAG: 2 CAL: 1

Do you want to know what the calcium supplement of the future looks like? Frankly it looks a lot more like magnesium than calcium. The times they are a changin' and we need to pay attention to the evolution of our diets and the modifications we must make to allow our bodies to function optimally. In the past, the magnesium in our soils was plentiful and we had a more difficult time obtaining enough calcium to keep our bones healthy. Now we are seeing the opposite due to depleted amounts in soil and diets high in magnesium deficient foods. Calcium has become easily obtained through the increasing consumption of dairy and calcium fortified foods and supplements so much so that we are now OVER-storing it and it is winding up in places it just shouldn't be (such as arteries). Essentially we've created the opposite imbalance which can be critical to how we feel. Over 80% of the population is now deficient in magnesium but, biological markers such as blood tests are not reliable in determining a deficiency due to magnesium being stored predominately in the bones and cells not, in the blood.

Why we love it: Our Nutritionist has yet to analyze a diet where magnesium has been adequate. This is a huge concern as a diet low in magnesium can create a host of unpleasant symptoms such as: muscle twitches, muscle aches, mood swings, low energy, poor stress response, restless sleep, tension headaches, constipation and compromised focus to name a few. This product can help to restore the calcium-magnesium balance in your body which is critical in a well rounded plan to prevent many health challenges that involve the heart, the mind and the bones. Plus it's made by a company we trust so we can ensure the highest quality to our clients.

Douglas Laboritories Detox Pack

While this is certainly not a full and extensive cleanse like the Metabolic Rejuvenation it is a great option for some and we've had equal success with it thus far. This is a 7 day detox kit that is packed with ingredients to support both phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification therefore allowing successful detoxification of the liver for a shorter duration.

Why we love it: It requires a shorter commitment and is lighter on the wallet. For some, a 28 day detox can seem like a daunting task and we are always interested in the success of our clients first and foremost and this kit is a great introduction to properly supporting your liver's natural detoxification process. It is certainly useful to help overcome food addictions or overindulgence and can be a fabulous boost to starting a healthy living plan or weight normalization plan. It's kind of like a mini reset for your mind and body and it is packaged in a way that is fool proof and convenient so there's no sad stories on not sticking to it!