#1 - Yoga for the Warrior DVD - Bob Harper

Bob Harper is one of the world's most elite personal trainers so we would expect no less than the

best in his DVD workouts. His Yoga for the Warrior DVD is no exception. Bob takes you through an hour long yoga session unlike any you've experienced before. In addition there is a 15 minute yoga abs workout, although it's more just an ab workout (a good one) that incorporates a few yoga infusions.

Why we love it: This yoga video will rock your world and kick your butt at the same time. Our Nutritionist has done many types of Yoga and has attended classes as well as used videos and online teachings and this is by far her favorite! Beginners may feel like this is a little tough at first but, if you keep pressing play week after week you will notice rapid improvement. One thing we love is that there is no commercials or boring intros at the beginning so once you press play get ready to work! You will be sweating within the first 10 minutes and it will seem rather difficult, although Bob reminds you to work at your own pace and offers alternative poses for novice participants. The best part is how you feel afterwards...you will have the same sensation as if you've just exercised HARD for an hour but, the "yoga" feeling, the one of complete relaxation comes soon thereafter and you feel fantastic! The difficulty level keeps you coming back for more, wanting to perfect everyone of Bob's traditional yoga poses as well as some more elaborate moves. He is highly motivational, his direction is crystal clear and the moves can even be done mostly by just listening to him instead of having to look at the TV the whole time. It really is a must try for those of you who are Yoga fanatics and looking for something new or those of you who want a really interesting and challenging video to try. If this is your first Yoga experience, you will not be sorry! You can find it online HERE and HERE for under $10.


Fresh breath is important to those of us in consulting work and in general. Often we are asked what we recommend for lovely smelling breath without all the artificial ingredients and additives. We often come up short on this one for an easy fix, we generally recommend no artificial sweeteners aside from stevia and there just really isn't anything on the market until now that we would wholeheartedly recommend aside from herbal teas and chewing peppermint or parsley leaves. We've found something that is quick, easy and effective and we might add tasty!


We have been promoting Jackson Springs Water for years and it's the only water we drink at the office and in our homes. Jackson Springs is a local company which sources it's water from a remote protected area right here in Manitoba. The owners Chris and Laryssa are 2 of the best folks you'll ever meet and are extremely passionate about their product for good reason!

Why we love it: This water is the best tasting water we've ever tried and the 1st place award at the World Water Tasting Competition proves it! Clients who have a sample are always impressed with the flavor and once you've had Jackson Springs no water will compare. This water is 100% naturally sourced with no chemicals, preservatives or additives and offers a mineral profile including 4x more calcium and magnesium than any other bottled water in North America! It is sodium free and has a natural alkaline pH of 7.95. It is the water that is used for Donald Trump's "Trump Ice" and we all know it's only the best for "the Donald". Their staff is extremely courteous and professional and they offer delivery 6 days a week with an easy online and telephone ordering system which is extremely convenient providing next day delivery. If you aren't drinking their water already be sure to check them out and try it, you won't be disappointed!


This is a new product that we've been testing out for several months now and it has fast become one of our top selling products. We call it a "touchy-feely product because in general people notice a therapeutic benefit rather quickly (sometimes only days). Although it's labelled IBS we've been successful using it with clients that have not received an official IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) diagnosis but, are experiencing bowel and digestive issues.

Why we love it: IBS formula has been effective for people suffering from Irritable Bowel as well as those with bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation and more. It is a potent and professionally formulated probiotic with strains that specifically benefit intestinal health and immune system function. It also has colostrum polypeptides which calm down the inflammatory response that contribute to the symptoms of IBS. Generally it is effective used once daily in an easy to swallow capsule and is used until symptoms have completely subsided and health promoting intestinal flora is re-established. This has been a dream product for many that have suffered for years (even decades), so much so that we have trouble keeping it on the shelves!