Privacy Policy

Privacy of personal information is an important principle of Nutritional Sciences. We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing personal information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for Nutritional Sciences services that we provide. We are also diligent at being open and transparent as to how we handle personal information.

DISCLOSURE: Nutritional Sciences uses and discloses personal information only for purposes for which we have consent (implied or written), or as required by law. We do not disclose your personal information or participate in the sale or distribution of your information to third parties.  We will discontinue to use or to disclose your personal information after a written revocation of your implied or informed consent is received, unless we have already acted in reliance upon this consent, or as directed by legal requirements. We destroy paper files containing personal information by shredding. We destroy electronic information by deleting it and, when hardware is discarded, we ensure that information on the hard drive is destroyed.

This policy is made under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.