The primary focus of Nutritional Sciences is to help our clients develop an overall nutritional program that puts them in control of their health. We are able to provide our clients the information they need through the various diagnostic and therapeutic services available at Nutritional Sciences.

Whether suffering from a specific ailment such as hypertension or diabetes, or simply suffering from a general feeling of un-health, our services are aimed at discovering the causes of the symptoms that make individuals feel sick. We look at our client’s symptoms more in-depth, and from a nutritional standpoint, as opposed to a traditional medical exam, which is more focussed on cataloguing symptoms. Our feeling is that rather than treating the symptom, treat the cause. Using the information from our diagnostic services, we develop individualized health control programs for each and every one of our clientele, specifically tailored to their nutritional needs, and encompassing both dietary and lifestyle elements.

Please take a moment to explore a brief description of each of our diagnostic and therapeutic services. If you are interested in finding out more, or are ready to take control of your health, please contact us to book an appointment today!

A vast amount of information is available through nutritional blood analysis. With the use of an automated microscope we are able to magnify a single drop of blood to show you how your body is performing and how that affects your sense of well being.

When we are not producing the proper cell formations our bodies suffer, as we are not getting rid of the toxins nor carrying the nutrients our body needs. When our bodies begin to suffer, we begin to feel unwell.