Weight Loss

Billions of dollars are spent annually by North Americans on the newest weight loss programs. There are a lot of people who indeed do lose weight on these programs but over 90% of them gain it all back within two years, plus a few extra pounds. Why? Because these programs, plans and potions are not geared towards lifestyle changes and behavior changes. They do not address underlying issues (medical and emotional), and they are often very restrictive, socially isolating and impossible to maintain. Being Overweight doesn't necessarily mean that you follow a poor diet or don't exercise. It can be a result of medications, surgery, stress, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance or absorption issues.

We are all different and Nutritional Sciences will suggest a program that fits into your lifestyle and addresses your individual needs. There is no one program that works for everybody which is why we are about helping motivated individuals normalize their weight through consistent adaptations to nutrition and physical activity that suit each individual lifestyle so it can be maintained long term (for a lifetime). We have no magic bullets here... What we DO have is an understanding of the physiology of weight loss/weight gain, a common sense approach to optimal nutrition and body size and a passion to help people feel their best which in turn allows them to look their best. It is a reflection of Nutritional Sciences how well our clients feel now, and how they feel in the future when they heed our advice and that is something we nurture, always.

What we all have in common is that all of our bodies need to run in harmony to be effective and it starts with giving on bodies the nutrients it needs, cleansing areas that are in need of attention and drinking enough water. We also need to get fresh air and exercise on a regular basis.

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