What to Expect

Blood Analysis / Iridology

Prior to your consultation you will need to fill out an information sheet outlining what medications/supplements you are taking. In addition we also want to know about any surgeries or allergies you may have as well as some standard health questions.

The initial consultation is about one hour. Three samples are taken at one time; all that is needed is a couple of drops. What is seen under the microscope is hooked up to a flat screen monitor so you get to see everything and it is explained in a straight forward way that is easy to understand.

If we are healthy our cells will look and perform the way they are supposed to. When things are working in harmony we have vitality, sleep well and have no discomforts. If it is not we will have a myriad of symptoms and tend to treat just that rather than find out why we have the symptoms in the first place. This is the primary purpose of our analysis work, to get to the bottom of things.

Sample Explanation

1. The first sample shows the activity of your blood. This sample will actually show you what is working or not and will clearly show why you feel the way you do. Red blood cells, immune function, digestion, cholesterol, Candida, parasites can all be seen in this sample.

sample_01.jpg (9 KB)

2. The second sample shows toxins which are building up in the blood. Not getting rid of these toxins makes us feel sick, have uncomfortable symptoms, and even pain which of course can lead to disease. These toxins stress the organs which in turn generate the symptom. This sample will show the primary organs which are stressed and need attention.

sample_02.jpg (6 KB)

3. The third sample determines the blood type. There are four. You should know what your blood type is anyway and a lot of people don’t. It affects dietary choices to a certain extent which is why we do it.

sample_03.jpg (43 KB)

4. Lastly an iridology exam is done. This exam is used to determine inherent weaknesses, constitutional strength, and the intensity those toxins are having on your body. The eyes and the blood are photographed and kept on file for future comparison purposes.

sample_05.jpg (5 KB)

Once the analysis is completed you will understand why you feel the way you do and why things are happening. At this point a diet, exercise and supplement protocol is put together on the spot to meet your individual needs.

Nutritional Consultation / Weight Loss

Two forms need to be completed prior to your nutritional or weight loss consultations. The first being a questionnaire which gives us pertinent information regarding your overall health and well being. This will take 10-15 minutes and should be completed and submitted at least 3 days prior to your appointment so there are no delays when you arrive and we can begin developing an individual program before you even arrive! Open and save the questionnaire.

The second form is a 3 day food recall and this will allow us to analyze in detail with state of the art nutrition software your nutritional status based on what you are eating.  We will develop a clear picture on whether you are deficient or have an excess of essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients which gives us valuable insight into health problems you may be experiencing.  This should be submitted at least 3 days prior to your appointment with the Nutritionist. Open and save the food recall form or a PDF version.

Your initial consultation with our Nutritional Hematologist takes about an hour where your current health concerns will be discussed, your Nutritional assessment will be presented to you with suggestions on how to improve your dietary profile for optimal health as well as individual recommendations on supplementation, diet , lifestyle and exercise.  We also offer body composition and measurements tracking so you can see your progress first hand!

Expect Quality, Expect Commitment, Expect Results!